A Blank Schedule

My Name is Whitney,and I'm bosssssss >_<

Permalink I know everybody&#8217;s been posting this picture, but I can&#8217;t get over how accurate it is lol 😂😂😂 get all of us in a room and see (at least twice a month)
Permalink "Busy being busy dying"&#8230;this guys tattoo in my class.
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Jourdan Dunn
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15 Ways to Layer Your Necklaces (When Wearing One Piece Just Won’t Cut It!)&#160;»
Permalink Some bathrooms are everything I need and more.
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Beyoncé on the cover of OUT Magazine Power Issue, May 2014
Permalink A L W A Y S. 😊
Permalink Last night.
Permalink From like two weeks ago. 👋👋👋 guys!
Permalink From like two weeks ago. But 👋👋👋 everybody.
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